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What is photo restoration?

Over years of improper storage and poor handling, many photos fall prey to all sorts of maladies. Often they are folded, cracked, torn, burned, punctured, faded and basically mutilated.

Through scanning, careful and tedious digital manipulation, and reprinting, they can usually be restored to full beauty. Depending how much of the photo’s original physical content is lost, plays a large part in how well the restoration can be performed. Even though today’s software makes such restoration possible, artistic ability becomes a huge factor when some areas must be re-created from basically nothing. It is here, where my years of art training gives me a distinct advantage.

Photo Restoration Services by


Without seeing the amount of damage, it is difficult to put a price on photo restoration. It is pretty safe to safe to say, that most works fall under the $50 range. It is always best if you could email me a scan or photo of the image in question for me to give you a fair assessment.

With the advent of better email and home print capabilities, more of my work these days is done via email as opposed to printing and shipping hard copy prints. When printing is required, all my final prints are done on an Epson photo printer and Premium Epson Photo Paper backed with a 1/16” styrene to prevent buckling.

Photo Restoration Services by

Here’s how to get started.

Simply call 860-402-2811 or email me (

Due to the nature of photo restoration, I will need to see the photo to be restored to give a price. After I supply you a quote, you can follow the normal payment procedure.

You can call to give credit card info over the phone, send a $50 deposit to Jeff Strong, 31 Hale St Ext, Vernon, CT or send a $50 deposit via PayPal to (If you call me with credit card info, I will not bill your card until you OK the proof or communication stops from your end within a reasonable time frame.

Photo Restoration Services by

Here are a few examples of photos I have restored in the past. Left click on any photo to fast forward through this album. Or mouse cursor on an image stops the slide show.