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Welcome to Strong Keepsake Images!

We produce Custom Show Boards, Custom (Image Oriented) Business Cards, Custom Racing Hero Cards and Custom Photo Collages. Looking for Custom Magnetic Dash Plaques for your car show? We can do that, too! Actually, any kind of photo manipulation can be done, as well.

Order your Custom Show Boards (do you have a car show coming up?), Custom Business Cards, Custom Photo Collages, and Custom Racing Hero Cards, here!

The majority of our clientele is Custom Car or Hot Rod and Race Car based, but we also provide Custom Family Collages from your old photos and Photo Restoration of your old damaged photos.

All work is totally custom…you have input throughout the entire process. Totally custom work requires interaction between you and Strong Keepsake Images. For that reason, you will see no “Shopping Cart” or “Buy Here” on this site. I do, however, require a deposit before any work is to be done. Thanks for understanding.

Give me a call now at 860-402-2811 or email me at:

Custom Show Boards

Custom Business CardsPhoto Collages

Custom Racing Hero Cards

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